Your Career Path

After completing the four-year apprenticeship program at Carpenters Training Institute, you’ll begin your career as a journeyworker. This will open up new opportunities on your current job site, and provide more consistent work and better pay in the future. Where you go from there is up to you.

Continuing Education Courses for Members

As a member, you’ll have access to free continuing education courses at Carpenters Training Institute to help develop your craft or train for new roles within the industry. These courses are designed for members who want to become specialists in their craft, expand their skill set to another craft, or train for a leadership role as a foreman or superintendent.

Foreman & Superintendent Training

Everyone on the job site is responsible for producing high-quality work, but it’s up to the foreman and superintendent to oversee the project, keep things on schedule, and ensure that everyone is able to do their jobs safely and efficiently.

Depending on the position you’re training for, the courses will be tailored to fit your goals and the current demands of the industry.

What’s the difference between a foreman and a superintendent?

The two positions look very similar on paper, but the foreman and superintendent have their own roles to play on each job site.

The foreman is the person in charge of an individual craft or job crew. On large projects, there will be one foreman each for the carpenters, electricians, plumbers, steel, and concrete crews.

The superintendent oversees the entire job site. They work with all of the foremen to coordinate job crews, subcontractors, and vendors to make sure the site is running smoothly.


Every year, more than $200 million is invested in providing apprenticeship training and upgrading the skills of UBC members, staff, and leadership.

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