Continuing Education

Carpenters Training Institute offers a number of continuing education courses to help you advance your career in the carpentry trade. Refresh your knowledge of First Aid or scaffolding, learn more about rigging and rough terrain, or deepen your understanding of welding or hardware projects.

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Love what you’re learning in the classroom and on-the-job? Dive deeper into the craft you already love by enrolling in a continuing education course.


Stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices, and advance your skills as a carpenter by taking one of our continuing education courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are continuing education courses reserved for journeyworkers?
All members in good standings can attend continuing education courses.

Do I have to give up my nights and weekends, or can I take these classes at the same time as my apprenticeship?
Your class curriculum is a requirement of the apprenticeship. Continuing education courses can be taken in the evenings and on weekends.

Can I earn college credit by taking continuing education courses?
At this time, only the skills courses that are part of your apprenticeship qualify for college credits.

We take a balanced approach to training and educating apprentices. At Carpenters Training Institute, a majority of your time will be dedicated to hands-on training that will be enhanced in the classroom learning theory, technology, and safety.

–  Matt Campanario, Executive Director of Training

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